This is just a few words from someone from the other side of the world who only saw Kevin run a couple of times.

I spent all of August '99 (and a bit more) in the USA. I went to Eldora for the HBO and stayed up all night to see Kevin Gobrecht win after Sammy's car let him down. In the wee small hours of Sunday morning, I was standing in the main stand opposite the Start/Finish line (waiting for the 360's A Main, wasn't it Andrew?) when this little guy came sprinting up the steps on his way to Earl's office. I recognized him as the G-Man. He wouldn't have known me from Adam. I smiled and said 'Congratulations' and his bubbly smile said it all. A week later I watched him at the Knoxville Nationals. All Sprintcar people in Australia know about Mark Kinser, Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell etc. Australia had barely heard of Kevin Gobrecht. I posted some news back to Aussie Sprintcar boards about this great racer we didn't know much about out of Pennsylvania. The G-Man lived up to my expectations. Kevin made the 'A', and flew. Bouncing his right rear off the Turn 2 fence on a number of laps, he kept his boot right in it. I think he finished 3rd behind Mark and the Dude.

I got back to Australia only to find that a few weeks later that he died after a freak accident.

I never knew Kevin Gobrecht, even though I met him for just a few brief moments. Guys like Kevin Gobrecht are the true spirit of Sprintcar racing. To Kevin Gobrecht's friends and family, my sincere condolences to all of you, one year after his death. You knew him as a son, brother, cousin, friend. I only knew him as an awesome racer.

I'm one of many, many people who didn't know him, who hadn't grown up with him, who never knew his faults, who wouldn't pretend to be his friend. To those of you who were close to him - From the other side of the world - Rest in Peace, Kevin Gobrecht.

I've seen many awesome racers in my life. I'll take images of them with me when I go. Bob Tattersall, Garry Patterson, and too many more.

Kevin Gobrecht is amongst them.
Gilbert Kennedy