3 victories in 24 hours - The G-Man

The story was (roughly) :

Kevin started 10th or so at the Port Royal opener '99, in an afternoon race, passing Jeff Shepard with 5 to go to win.. loaded up the car, and over the mountains to Lincoln Speedway in Hanover (a 2 hour ride)

Got there in time unload the 2 cars, scrape the Port mud off them and send them out to hotlap.. Kevin started 10th, got to the front, but waged a slide job war with Fred Rahmer for the final 10 laps.. often trading the lead twice in a lap.. The thing was not decided till the final turn of the final lap..

Kevin wins second race in a day..

The next day was a Williams Grove day race...
Kevin started around 9th- slowly working his way to the front.. (no backmarkers at the Grove!).. and passed Greg Hodnett on the fourth turn of the final lap to win his 3rd in 24 hours.

And with that, he was off and running... He won a total of 10 (or so) races in the next 3 weeks, counting his win at Volusia in FLA.

as near as I can remember:
1 @ Volusia
4 @ Williams Grove (one without a front wing after losing it in a scuffle)
1 @ Port Royal
3 @ Lincoln
1 @ Selinsgrove (final race in Zemco 11 before leaving to replace Blaney in the 93.)

He was *that* good. And as nice a person as you could meet..
Troy M. Snyder