It has been just about one year, since the sport of sprint car racing lost it's up and coming star, and Hall of Famer, Kevin Gobrecht. To me, Kevin was an inspiration to everyone who has ever made an attempt to get in a sprint car, and succeed, night in and night out.. And Kevin has tought me, that even if you don't win the race, it sometimes is a moral victory to finish, that is the biggest accomplishment. Although I have only talked to Kevin a few short times, while the outlaws were on tour in Knoxville, he has tought me alot, just from the type of person he is, and his attitude towards life..and although Kevin is no longer with feels like he is..Kevin is with us all in spirit, he is over every race track, as a spectator, just the same much of the rest of us are. It is an honor in Kevin's name to have what we do today, the Kevin Gobrecht rookie of the year award. Kevin has not left the minds of anyone, and he will always be in our hearts, everytime we put on a helmet, a suit, and fire up the motors, Kevin is with us, guiding us around the corners, down the straighaways, and across the checkerd flags. Kevin has inspired my life, to make a surge at the sprint cars, from the go kart ranks, and follow in his footsteps. Kevin Gobrecht, gone..but never forgotten

Timmy Young